A Lifelong Struggle Ends with a Successful Result

Lisa Schwartz has been obsessed with losing weight her entire life… well, at least, since the age of 5.  As it turns out, 3 surgeries that year and the divorce of her parents may have contributed to this lifelong struggle.  Lisa can vividly remember the taunts and being overly self-conscious about what she was eating.  Part of it too was growing up in a resort town in New Jersey where the standard wear for work for many girls was a bikini.  Diets, cutting calories, and exercise didn’t work.

Lisa ate better with her first pregnancy (twins) but ate more sweets with the second.  Afterward the added weight didn’t come off.  At least three times, Lisa would go on ten-day fasts, taking in only water.  Then began a series of misdiagnoses and educated guesses as she was tested for various diseases.  Lisa went from 1200 calories a day to 900 calories a day.  After months of eating right and exercising, she would give up but wouldn’t gain more weight.  Later she had a diet that consisted of two protein bars a day for the equivalent of 500 calories.  She would also exercise 2-3 hours each day.  With this regimen Lisa lost 50 pounds in four months, but her hair started falling out, she lost her balance, and she found herself to be forgetful.  Once she went back to 1200 calories/day, Lisa gained 70 pounds in 2 months.

Lisa has gone through periods of time where she would skip numerous meals or even go for days at a time without food.  The result would be little to no weight loss; her fasts and diets also began to wear on her body.  Lisa had her metabolism tested and found out that her weight problems were not from a slow metabolism.  Through visits to holistic doctors, Lisa discovered that she had food allergies or food intolerances to wheat, dairy, corn, and soy.  She began to do research and take herbal supplements.  Lisa was told that her organs were in distress and that she had adrenal burnout.  Instead of making her stronger, all her dieting and exercising had actually made her extremely ill.   Acupressure helped Lisa to lose 17 pounds.  Her diet began to consist of only meat, some vegetables, apples, and peanut butter.

Lisa began to ask herself questions like, “Do I have to be fat for the rest of my life?”  She learned about Ideal Protein. Lisa researched the diet and couldn’t find anything negative about it.  She found and read the testimonial of someone she knew in Susan Lee; Lisa had witnessed first-hand Susan’s stunning weight loss.  Lisa’s thought: “Lots of people lose weight, just not me.”  Lisa declared as she always had, “If anybody can make me skinny, I’ll make them rich.” She asked more questions of Susan: What do you eat? Who does it not work for?  Lisa visited the 7Company clinic to get more info and found that as opposed to most diets, Ideal Protein would actually expand her variety of foods to include items like pudding, hot chocolate, and bars.  Since being on the diet, not only has Lisa enjoyed her new selection of food choices, she’s created her own recipes using Ideal Protein foods in combination with regular foods.  In fact she’s even given cooking demos for 7Company and its clients to show how creative and delicious one’s meals and snacks can be- while still being easy and progressing toward weight loss goals.

58 lost pounds later… Over 30 of Lisa’s friends and associates have seen the dramatic difference in Lisa’s health and weight and have started on the Ideal Protein diet through 7Company as well.

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?