Starting the 7Company Alternative Ideal Protein Diet

Summer is fun but sometimes brings challenges with eating well and in moderation. Picnics, vacations, barbecues, yikes! If you’ve gained a few unwanted pounds this summer (like me), you can do a Reset with 7Company’s Ideal Protein program or, if you don’t want to give up exercise you can try the alternative program.  I started back to tennis on Friday and began the alternative plan.  I had IP crispy cereal for breakfast with two pieces of whole grain toast.  Lunch was 2 cups of broccoli, greek yogurt and a dark chocolate rasperry IP bar (yum).  Dinner, turkey in a romaine lettuce wrap with two cups of zucchini.  Snack before bed – chocolate premade drink.  Not hungry and feeling great.  Oh, that greek yogurt is a little tough to take.  I sweetened it with Stevia.