Clothing Swap on Saturday, March 2, 12 – 3 pm Chantilly office

7Company Weight Loss & Wellness is having a clothing swap this Saturday, March 2 from 12 – 3 pm at our Chantilly location.  Bring your clothes that no longer fit as you have lost weight and drop them off during normal business hours this week.  Be sure to pick up a ticket for each item donated and you will use those tickets to select new items at the swap.  We will have door prizes, light refreshments and staff to help you select and put together outfits.  RSVP at 703-327-7070.

It’s February and what’s happened to your New Year’s Resolutions?

It is very common for people to make numerous New Year’s Resolutions  that are going to start on January 1.  Everyone is fired up and ready to go.  But it seems like just a few weeks later the resolutions are forgotten and many of us are right back where we started.  Here’s a few of my recommendations.  If you are truly ready to make some lifestyle changes, let’s get specific.  Don’t start off with a goal of I’m going to lose 50 lbs this year!  Let’s break it down.  Start off with, this week I am going to decide what kind of weight loss program is right for me. Can I do this on my own by making healthier choices or do I need a structured weight loss program with one on one supervision.  If that is what you need, start by making a list of what you would like to find in a weight loss program, will I get one on one support?  Is it easy and doable?  Will I receiveve education along the way?  Many people come to our program and are looking for a program that is easy and doable in their day to day life.  And a program in which they will see results.  Start doing your research, make appointments to visit different weight loss programs.  See which one is the best fit for you.  Find a place that is comfortable and not high pressure.  This should be all about you!  Set manageable goals.  Do you want to be at a certain weight by spring break or by the summer?  Do you want to see a certain number on the scale or be able to fit into certain clothes?  Do you want to get off of blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes meds?  Figure out what is most important to you and make a plan.The important thing is to do something.  Don’t wait.  Get started now.