Staying Slim Through The Holidays!

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Beyond

The Holiday season is generally when we relax a little, we break out our favorite sweaters, and we send out weight loss goals on a vacation! So here’s a few tips on how you can stay slim through the holidays.

Don’t skip meals: When you allow yourself to get too hungry, you run the risk of eating more (unhealthy) food later and wasting calories on fattening treats you didn’t really want to eat in the first place. Instead, eat on a schedule, and enjoy three meals and one or two 100- to 150-calorie snacks every day.

Bank your calories. Whether it’s a holiday party, Thanksgiving or Christmas, if dinner is going to be a feast or you’ll be grazing on hors d’oeuvres, save on calories throughout the day by choosing a breakfast, lunch and snacks that are heavy on lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey) and veggies, and light on fat, sugar and starch. Protein and fiber are the most filling nutrients around, so even though you’ll be eating fewer calories, you’ll still feel satisfied.

Drink lots of water—including two glasses before lunch and two glasses before dinner. Mild dehydration mimics the sensation of hunger, and drinking water prior to a meal starts to fill you up before you take your first bite of food so you’ll eat less.

Eat plenty of “Unlimited Foods” throughout the day. These foods contain few or no calories, which is why you can eat as much as you want of them. Make sure you have a variety on hand at all times. These foods include: Lettuce, celery, cucumber, endive, mushrooms, raddicchio, radish, romaine lettuce, spinach and watercress lettuce. Snacking on these foods can prevent you from reaching for something less healthy when hunger strikes. Snacking on these foods will also keep you from feeling deprived while you’re saving on calories for a party that night.

Have a restricted item that you find sweet or savory before the gathering. This will help you to feel satisfied and reduce the cravings for salty or sweet snacks.

Keep to the perimeter of the party – food and goodies are normally centrally located in the kitchen, socialize and chat away from the food.

Make sure you exercise for 30 to 60 minutes five or more days per week. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with calorie control. It’s also a terrific stress buster—which makes it even more crucial now, because holidays can be a trigger for people prone to stress eating. Try to include some light interval training, yoga, walking. Check out some of our programs here.

No picking at endless leftovers!

Why Do You Need To Find A Weight Loss Partner?

What benefits are there to having a weight loss partner?

We are so glad you asked! Did you know that when you have the right weight loss partner your odds of achieving your goals dramatically increase? Did you also know that there have been clinical studies that have proven this fact?

So how does having a weight loss partner benefit you? First, it gives you someone to be accountable to. That’s a simply principle, but it’s essential. If you have someone to encourage you to opt for a protein bar rather than a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal then you are much more likely to succeed.

Second, a weight loss partner can set goals with you. This follows the accountability principle. If you share the same goals with a partner then you will find that you both can help each other achieve them. Simple!

Third, a weight loss partner can support you. It’s such a simple principle, but we all need someone who can support our goals. You are much more likely to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it if you’ve already agreed to meet your partner there!

These are just some basic benefits of having a weight loss partner, and we like to encourage all of our member to find their partner. That’s why we will give you $25 off when your weight loss partner signs up for our Ideal Protein™ program!

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How To Find The Perfect Bra!

Do You Know Your Perfect Bra Size?

Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 women in the U.S. don’t wear the proper bra size? Whether it’s women who are opting for smaller cups and a longer strap, or women who want larger cups and a shorter strap. No matter what you may know about your bra size, many women are amazed at the comfort of a properly fitted bra. Wearing the proper size also flatters your natural curves much better!

If you’ve recently lost weight chances are your bra size has changed. That’s why 7Company encourages our customers to check our Peach.

What is Peach?
“Peach is an innovative, new lingerie and basics brand with one core mission – to inspire women to be their most beyoutiful through our one-of-a-kind shopping experience.The peach experience is easy, convenient, personalized, and, most importantly, fun. From our measured-to-fit bras, complementing panties and luxurious basics collection to our specialty products of shapewear, hosiery, socks, and more. Peach offers you everything you need to fill your top two drawers of your life.” –

Peach can help you find your perfect bra, and finally find a comfort that will amaze you! We always want you to look and feel your absolute best. That’s why 7Company  provides you with the tools to make that possible!