Do You Want To Lose Weight In The New Year?

January is tune up month at 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness, and we are here to help you lose weight in the new year!

Did you know that the average American gains 5-10lbs during the holiday season? Did you also know that you could lose 5-10lbs during the holiday season? We all love to indulge ourselves once Thanksgiving begins, and the food coma continues all the way through New Year’s Eve. We would like to show you that you don’t have to gain weight to enjoy the holidays!

We are putting out some great deals through the rest of December. These programs are targeted specifically toward helping you lose weight in the New Year.

On Friday the 18th through Monday the 21st you can save 10% storewide! You can also call in your order, email us, or order online here.

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Preregister for a Tune Up Workshop in January we will waive the Restart Appointment fee of $45! Classes Held On Jan. 9th and 16th

*For graduate and maintenance dieters only! Get a refresher on the Ideal Protein protocol and a free body composition analysis.

Also Receive $100 off your Ideal Protein™ Starter Kit, and get an additional $25 off if you bring a friend/family member and they sign up too!

We have so many deals going on this month because we want to make it easy for you to lose weight in the New Year! Whether you want to simply tune up by losing a few pounds, or you want to begin your weight loss journey. We are here to help you feel wonderful, look amazing, and become the best person you can be!

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Nerium Skin Care products have given many people amazing results.

The Nerium skin care line is revolutionizing the world of wrinkles and sagging skin. It’s common to have some excess skin after you lose weight, and 7Company is always looking for the best ways to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best.  Take a look at this video for some more insight into Nerium.


*Results may vary from person to person.

This month we are highlighting the Nerium Body Contouring cream. This product has shown some amazing results for thousands of people. If you have sagging skin anywhere on your body then you need to try the Nerium Body Contouring cream*!

You can purchase Nerium Skin Care products here, or you can take a look at some of the weight loss programs we have to offer here!



*Individual results may vary.


Black Friday Specials At 7Company

This week we will be offering some serious one-time-only Black Friday Specials!

For our Black Friday Specials we will be offering 10% off everything at 7Company Weight Loss And Wellness, and a one time only Electro-Slim package!

You don’t have to suffer in order to lose weight during the holidays, and you could be ten pounds lighter by the new year rather than ten pounds heavier!

Let us make your weight loss journey a success, and stop by on Friday for some great Black Friday Specials. We’ll be open until noon on Friday, and open 8-2pm on Saturday. You can also call in your order on Sunday and Monday between 8am & 7pm to get the same savings!

This weekend only you can also get a 6 pack of Electroslim treatments for only $150 (This will be the last time this deal will ever be available!) Learn More about Electroslim here

Visualizing Your New Life

By Carrie Howard, Certified Hypnotherapist

One of the most important aspects of your weight loss journey is visualizing your new life as a new healthy in shape you. This is why we encourage all dieters to attend the Ideal Protein phase ¾ weight maintenance workshop. You are setting your mindset that you will succeed, and preparing for what is to come. By creating a clear pathway for your future and knowing what’s ahead, your mind can easily visualize how easy it is to obtain your in shape body. The easier and more clear your path to your weight loss goal is the more motivated you will be, and driven to succeed.

One way to create a clear path is pre-plan your meals. Know what you’ll be eating and when. Pre-make meals for several days if you know you will be coming home late from work. Have a salad in the fridge ready. Have trouble getting in your veggies? No problem! Pre-cut your veggies and place them in containers and/or baggies pre-measured. Do you enjoy going out to restaurants and don’t want to be confined to your house? Pick healthy restaurants where you can be on protocol based off their menus. Going to a friends house/ party or celebration or out of town? Plan that out too! The more you plan, the more success you will achieve in your weight loss.

Another great thing to do when visualizing your new healthy body is to visualize what you will look like and what kinds of activities you will be doing. What size clothes do you want to wear? Do you have clothes in the closet you miss wearing, and would like to fit in again? What kinds of activities would you like to do again? Do you miss going to the gym, running, playing sports, working out? Plan for it!

And most important, get excited about your weight loss journey! What drives you to lose this weight? What do you have to look forward to when you lose the weight? Make a list and hang it on your fridge or in a place that you can see it everyday. This will remind you of the wonderful body you look forward to, and get closer to each day. Good luck and have fun on your journey! We are here at 7Company to support you on your weight loss success!