Ideal Protein Food

Ideal Protein Food Tastes Amazing!

The Delicious Taste of Ideal Protein Food!

The thought of cutting out tasty foods from your diet is frightening. That fear can keep you from getting started on your weight loss journey. Luckily, the 7Company Ideal Protein diet offers a large variety of flavorful foods that fill you up and help you shed the pounds at the same time!


We caught up with two of our 7Company members and dieters, Janelle and Elysa, to learn more about their favorite Ideal Protein foods.

Janelle’s Story

Janelle started on the diet in August of 2016, and has made incredible progress since. When asked about her favorite Ideal Protein meal, she told us she has quite a few favorites. “I like the Maple Oatmeal, Vanilla Crispy Square, and the Cookie Dough Swirl Bar,” Janelle said. She also shared an Ideal Protein “hack” with us! “The best hack I have done so far is to purchase the ‘sport drink’ packets that Ideal Protein offers. The tangerine flavor is my favorite. Whenever I am craving something sweet, I will often times pour one of these into my water and it satisfies my sweet tooth. ”

Elysa’s Story

Elysa began her journey with 7Company in May 2016. Just like Janelle, Elysa has several Ideal Protein favorites! “I love the chocolate coconut bar! It tastes just like a candy bar and reminds me of an Almond Joy. The Lemon Wafers are another favorite of mine. They are a wonderful afternoon treat, and go great with a cup of tea or coffee.” Elysa also shared some details regarding the transition from normal foods to Ideal Protein. “The good thing is that you get to eat lots of “real” food. Lean protein and veggies. Yes, I can’t lie, there were definitely things that I miss from the carb and dairy categories, but I wouldn’t trade them for losing the significant amount of weight that I have lost! The biggest thing that I found was that you needed to plan ahead of time.”

To learn more about how to get started with Ideal Protein, contact our office today at 571-252-3775.

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