Busy Non-Profit Executive Keeps Pace with Diet

Karen Wayne is on the move. A Rotarian breakfast here and a Women’s Club lunch there are all in a day’s work. Chamber events followed by a Red Cross evening gala are no problem for Karen.

Karen has a long-term association with the American Red Cross that goes back to when she was eight and collected pennies for the organization. This commitment continued to run like a thread through her life from the time she served as a volunteer during the Vietnam War all the way to her current position as the Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Loudoun and Prince William Counties.

Karen has a stressful job and describes herself as a stress eater. Furthermore, she can’t afford to be sluggish and needs to have a lot of energy in her role.

Karen also found herself in need of a diet that would work for her as hard as she works. She started on the Ideal Protein Diet in April after seeing several friends experience success on the program. The pivotal moment came for Karen when a friend took her by the hand and personally introduced her to Jennifer Seven of 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center at a Sterling Women’s Club meeting. She began the program right away.

Karen has lost 44 pounds already despite her active social life. She’s learned techniques to deal with the frequent meetings and events that revolve around food. Karen has learned to ask for plain chicken and bring her own salad dressing. She’ll bring an Ideal Protein bar and grab coffee at a breakfast meeting instead of relying on an uncertain menu.

Karen likes what she’s seen from 7Company, including the focus on a healthy lifestyle, getting recipes that she can use, and adding “real food” back into her diet. She’s also enjoyed Ideal Protein peanut butter bars and puddings that help to satisfy her sweet tooth and bottles of Sweet Leaf Stevia peppermint or vanilla that she’ll use to flavor a glass of water. Karen hopes that others who have battled weight gain will give the diet a try.

Karen has loved the different reactions she’s gotten from family and friends and feels like she’s a walking commercial. One cousin responded after seeing her: “I wanna go on that diet!” After posting photos recently on Facebook, Karen received comments that she looks good and that she looks young. At a Chamber event she waved at someone who gave a “Who is that woman?” reaction due to her weight loss that they didn’t recognize her; Karen had to speak to them before they realized who she was.

In fact, Karen has had such success navigating the culinary hazards of the non-profit circuit that she’s upped her goal from what she originally set. If Karen tackles this with the same vigor and focus she does her life and work responsibilities, we have no doubt she’ll continue to succeed! Go, Karen!

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?