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Buying New Clothes After You Lose Weight!

Tips for buying new clothes after losing weight

Buying new clothes is the fun part about losing weight. It took a lot of sweat and tears, but you’ve got your best body back. You can’t stop checking yourself out in the mirror and praising yourself for you hard efforts. The question is: how do you dress this body? It’s time to take a look at your old wardrobe and start buying new clothes to fit your brand new, confident body!

  1. Update your basics by trading in your baggy jeans and t-shirts for more fitted and bold clothing, (you can check out the Jean Whisperer In Leesburg for great ideas). This will help attract attention to what you’ve been working so hard on for the past several weeks, instead of hiding underneath all of your old clothing.
  2. Adjust your sizes. Although you want more fitted clothing so you aren’t swimming in your outfits, make sure it’s not too tight. Even though you look great, you don’t want clothing that acts as a second skin. Find a happy medium between clothes that fit and clothes that are comfortable. Also keep in mind that your size will vary depending on the store. What is a size 0 in one store, won’t necessarily be a size 0 at another. Don’t pay attention to the number, pay attention to how you look and feel in the new clothes!
  3. Make sure you are fully committed to this new body. Just incase you weren’t, you wouldn’t want to be wasting money. So once you’re sure, treat yourself to a new wardrobe!
  4. While we’re on the subject of treating yourself, splurge on one item to keep you motivated! If you invest in something you’ve always wanted and can finally wear, you’ll be sure to stay away from those carbs!
  5. Get rid of what you used to love. It’s time to get rid of your old favorite clothing articles and get new clothes for the new you! If you love the look of a comfy sweater on a rainy Sunday morning, get one that fits you AND looks great! You can find new favorite clothes that will make you feel confident.

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