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Wardrobe Maximization

Wardrobe maximization is important during your weight loss journey. As you go through our program, your clothing may begin to feel loose. While that is a great sign and indicates weight loss, you also may be worried about purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Well worry no more! At 7Company we can show you how to make … Continue reading Wardrobe Maximization

Chakra Healing Meditation

Chakra Healing Meditation

Chakra Healing Meditation   There is never one right way to meditate. In fact, there are many forms of meditation! Meditation can include breathing exercises such as Yoga, which is most noteworthy and especially helpful in circulating the bloodstream, or even something as simple as driving the scenic route to work, which can relax and calm … Continue reading Chakra Healing Meditation


Inspiring Weight Loss – Michelle

Inspiring Weight Loss – Michelle lost 36lbs in just 4 months with 7Company’s Ideal Protein diet, and you can too! Begin your inspiring weight loss journey and lose those extra pounds fast with 7Company’s weight loss program. 7Company’s approach combines personalized one-on-one coaching and allows for a variety of foods, so you won’t get bored … Continue reading Inspiring Weight Loss – Michelle

Walden Farms

Add Walden Farms to Your Diet!

Getting bored with your Ideal Protein diet? Let Walden Farms help!  Walden Farms can make staying on the Ideal Protein diet even easier. Test out Walden Farms calorie-free specialty products to spice things up and help  you reach your weight loss goals. At 7Company we carry a wide variety of Walden Farms products for sale … Continue reading Add Walden Farms to Your Diet!


Electro-Slim, Zap Belly Fat!

Electro-slim will increase your muscle tone and burn calories, fast! If you’re struggling with weight loss, Electro-Slim is a great way to get rid of belly fat fast. This month, 7Company is running a special on this cutting-edge, weight loss medical device: 5 treatments for only $195, with 2 additional treatments FREE! What better time … Continue reading Electro-Slim, Zap Belly Fat!

meal planning

Meal Planning on the Ideal Protein Diet

Proper Meal Planning is an Important Component of the Ideal Protein Diet The Ideal Protein diet differs from the typical diet. It takes a holistic approach and focuses on  your entire lifestyle.  You receive one-on-one coaching, weekly weigh ins and nutrition education. This high-protein, low-carb diet allows you to lose weight without losing muscle mass. If … Continue reading Meal Planning on the Ideal Protein Diet

healthy cooking

Healthy Cooking Tips

When you cook with Ideal Protein, your possibilities for healthy cooking are endless. Our Ideal Protein diet is proven to work! Vary your dieting options by learning healthy cooking tips to keep you on track to reach your weight loss goals with 7Company. Cooking with Ideal Protein™ powder: Never shake a protein mix with hot even burn  you! … Continue reading Healthy Cooking Tips

dieting tips

Dieting Tips for Success

Dieting can be tough. We understand it’s hard to stay on the right track, but by following these Ideal Protein dieting tips, you’re that much closer on the path to success! Dieting tips to keep you on track and hold you accountable. Follow these steps for weight loss success! Did you know that hot drinks are … Continue reading Dieting Tips for Success