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lose 30lbs

Lose 30lbs Fast – Meet Linda!

You could lose up to 30lbs in 3 months with 7Company’s Ideal Protein diet*. Meet Linda, she lost nearly 30lbs in 13 weeks. 7Company’s approach combines personalized one-on-one coaching and allows for a variety of foods so you don’t get hungry or bored with your choices. We also give you new recipes to try and … Continue reading Lose 30lbs Fast – Meet Linda!

lose weight before wedding season

Lose weight for wedding season

Lose weight before the big day, it’s wedding season! Wedding season starts now! Lose weight before the big day. Arooj, a dedicated 7Company member since March, has lost an astonishing 25 pounds in only 2 months, just in time for the happiest day of her life—her wedding in August. “I am definitely happier,” Arooj said. … Continue reading Lose weight for wedding season

losing weight with a friend

Losing Weight With a Friend

Losing Weight with a Friend While Saving Money This month at 7Company we thought to inspire others to lose weight with a friend. It’ll make losing weight easier and more fun when you have the support of others. It would allow for you to be able to work towards your body goals along with someone … Continue reading Losing Weight With a Friend

Spring Body

Spring Body Styling

Spring Body Styling: How To Spring body perfection can be achieved!  To get it, you should be shaping clothes to your body type. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. During the winter we bundle up in sweaters and coats. Now it’s time to take off all of the layers and dress your body type right … Continue reading Spring Body Styling

Choosing a diet Ideal Protein vs Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet Vs. Ideal Protein

In recent years, a diet known as the Dukan Diet has been in the news. Most notably, it is the diet that Duchess Kate Middleton used to prepare for her wedding, and also to drop the weight after having her babies. So, what exactly is the Dukan Diet? It got us wondering how it compares to … Continue reading Dukan Diet Vs. Ideal Protein