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The Woman in the Mirror

Gwen Pangle could no longer stand to look at herself in the mirror… Gwen says that every decade would bring another 10 pounds of weight gain.  She would start eating well and lose a few pounds.  As she approached the age of 55 this year, Gwen decided that all had to change.  Her journey began … Continue reading The Woman in the Mirror

Water, Water, More Water

In my experience every diet and weight loss program is consistent about one thing and Ideal Protein of Leesburg is no exception.  In each program you are asked to drink atleast 64 oz. of water each day.  Many people struggle with drinking enough water.  Back in the 1980’s I remember a woman telling me that … Continue reading Water, Water, More Water

My Favorite Weight Loss Tips

People often ask me why I believe that I was successful in dropping weight.  First of all, it helps to have the right program.  At 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center I was introduced to Ideal Protein of Leesburg. Throughout the time on the program I was able to pick up and learn different weight … Continue reading My Favorite Weight Loss Tips