Electro-Slim, Zap Belly Fat!

Electro-slim will increase your muscle tone and burn calories, fast!

If you’re struggling with weight loss, Electro-Slim is a great way to get rid of belly fat fast. This month, 7Company is running a special on this cutting-edge, weight loss medical device: 5 treatments for only $195, with 2 additional treatments FREE! What better time to start than now? You have nothing to lose except inches!

The treatment uses electrical stimulation to contract muscles and is fast and easy. You can even take a nap, read a book, or listen to music all while losing inches off your waistline. It’s FDA approved and is often used by olympic athletes to keep their muscles in tip-top shape. You also don’t have to worry about potential side-effects as Electro-Slim has been around since 1983 and recently became popular as a weight loss alternative!

Besides losing inches off your waistline, Electro-Slim therapy has numerous other benefits as well. It helps increase the flow of oxygenated blood and improve circulation. It detoxifies as it burns calories and tones muscles. Electro-Slim is also perfect for those with aging skin as it smoothes out cellulite and tightens sagging skin.

On average, our clients lose 5 inches in just four sessions! Twice a week is recommended. Think about it…you could be losing 5 inches off your waistline and finally fit into those jeans just in time for fall!

Each session is made up of three, 20 minute cycles. The first cycle enhances circulation, the second cycle detoxifies and the third cycle rehabilitates and tones muscles.

If you’re not one to hit the gym, Electro-Slim is the perfect alternative for you. Just one, one hour session is the equivalent of an intense, full-body workout, except you don’t have to pause your daily routine! You can relax or even get some work done.

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