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A Healthy Employee is a Happy Employee!

Our Company Employee Wellness Program with boost your company’s productivity & positivity!



Our Company Employee Wellness Program offers a safe, effective, affordable weight-loss program for your employees to reduce obesity and diabetes, improve productivity, and increase overall wellness! When you work with 7Company, our medically-supervised, education-based Ideal Protein weight loss protocol will be available to your onsite company employees. We will provide you and your employees with all the information, statistics, and organization necessary in order to get you started on a new path to wellness. All you need to bring is dedication and a smile!


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The Benefits:

  • 7Company will provide a Registered Nurse to meet with enrolled company employees on a weekly basis. At the first appointment, the employee will be given a full overview of the weight loss program and baseline measurements, weight and body details.
  • Employees will be able to order their weight loss food prior to the weekly coaching visit so that the coach can bring the food with her.
  • Company employees are welcome to attend, at no additional cost, the various seminars offered at the 7Company Lansdowne location.  These include monthly cooking demos, maintenance workshops, organization workshops, wardrobe transition workshops, and much more!


The Results:

  • At 7Company, the average weight loss for women is 2 – 3 lbs of fat per week, and the average weight loss for men is 3 – 5 lbs of fat per week.*
  • This protocol helps employees regain and sustain health and includes lifestyle approach, stabilization, and maintenance.
  • Following our protocol, we have seen results with our clients improving their cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars.


“…19 of our employees elected to participate in the Ideal Protein Protocol with 7Company, resulting in over 170 pounds lost so far! We have had tremendous success with the program and, as someone that has tried it out, I highly recommend it!”


Annette Owens
Wellness Committee for Deltek

7Company wants to help bring health and wellness into every aspect of life, including the workplace! Contact us for a free lunchtime seminar for your company. We will explain the weight loss program and generate interest for you and your employees.

One of the many keys to success in the office is a positive and healthy lifestyle; our program does just that. We’ll have your corporate family looking great, feeling great, and working and their best!


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