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Fast Weight Loss-Giuli’s Diet Inspiration

Fast weight loss and feeling good while you’re losing weight is now possible with 7Company. Let us be your next stop on your weight loss journey!

Fast weight loss has never been easier. Seeing an amazing transformation such as Giuli’s is the reason why we do what we do here at 7Company. The success of our members is what keeps us going everyday and keeps them going on the track to success to reach their diet and weight loss goals. Our weight loss program is proven to work with easy-to-follow guidelines that generate quick results, often  in just a few months. You will look and feel your best by following the Ideal Protein protocol, and incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Guili is a great example of what Ideal Protein can do for a person who is committed to losing weight. She is one of many who have shown just how dramatic the weight loss can be for our 7Company members.  The effort that our members put into their transformations is truly incredible.  Giuli’s drastic difference in her before and after photos demonstrate that the Ideal Protein protocol really works. Check out our Ideal Protein diet and you could be our next before and after picture!

When Giuli came to 7Company she was ready to make weight loss a reality and not just a dream anymore. She met with her coach and established a plan that worked for her. Giuli lost 30.3lbs in just 3.5 months by sticking to her diet plan with 7Company. Her weight loss, as seen in her before and after pictures, is truly inspirational. Giuli went from a size 6 to a size 2. She lost 34.5 inches and 10.7% body fat.* Congrats, Giuli!

“The picture of me in the Redskins shirt was taken in October 2015. I weighed 162 pounds – my heaviest in years. I was blaming it all on menopause.  I started IP November 12th at 160 pounds and lost 30 pounds.  The weight loss and inches lost have been amazing! No other diet had results this good! I went from a size 6 to a size 2!*” Giuli said.

If you are struggling with losing those last pounds or even just beginning your weight loss journey, 7Company can help you.  Sign up for one of our Free Introductory Workshops and learn more about the Ideal Protein diet and 7Company can help you finally lose the weight for good!

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