Getting Through Holidays & Other Festivities

Labor Day is right around the corner.  Holidays can prove challenging to anyone trying to drop or maintain their weight.  This is where focus and the right attitude come into play.  Labor Day weekend, for example, can bring us neighborhood cookouts and parties with hot dogs, burgers, ice cream and desserts – lots of desserts.

Never take your eye off the ball, especially during holidays.  For me knowing that my clothing fits comfortably helps.  Before I found 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center and Ideal Protein Program of Leesburg I had skipped many functions because I was too embarrassed to be in a bathing suit or was ashamed of how I looked. Temptation will be lifted if you stay focused on your goal and long term satisfaction.  Go back to Weight Loss Tip #1 (“A Cooler Is Your Best Friend”) and #2 (Water, Water, More Water).  Keep healthy foods with you and drink a lot of water.  Remember:  “Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels”.

Each one of us needs to find our own motivation and to reach out to our support system if we are feeling weak.  Your true friends and the people who really care about you will not want to sabotage your diet.  Set your goals.  Truly make the commitment and you will succeed.

What are your favorite tips for getting through the holidays?