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Guided Visualization: How To Fall In Love With A New You!

Guided Visualization: How To Fall In Love With A New You!by Carrie Howard

Every week when you come in to monitor your weight and success, you speak with one of our weight loss coaches. We give you advice, motivate you and direct you to make better lifestyle choices. But it isn’t the diet that is really making you change, or us telling you what you need to do. Well, making the right dietary choices and ketosis do help! But the truth is that you’re the one that’s making those changes. You’re the one that realized that you are the most important person in your life. You are special! And you are special enough that you felt that your health is important. You are special enough and deserving enough to lose that weight.

That inner voice inside of you, your best friend, is what guided you to make those changes in your life.  That best friend, also known as your positive mindset, is the key to driving home your weight loss success. Not only is losing weight a physical process but it is also a mental lifestyle change as well.  Coming up with core reasons on why you want to lose the weight and keep it off makes the process so much easier and enjoyable.  It is also important to visualize yourself right now living your goal. Living that healthy lifestyle the way you would see, hear, feel, think and eat. Visualizing makes your goal more attainable, and gives you even more reason to stay motivated and on target. Sometimes along the way we do get stuck, frustrated and discouraged. We completely understand and that’s what we are here for at 7Company. To guide you to weight-loss, wellness, and a point where you reach your own personal best. Both inside and out!

To help guide you on your weight loss journey and strengthen your passionate desire to lose weight, we offer guided visualization and meditation to meet your weight loss needs. Give us a call to make those changes today. We look forward to your success!

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