Heading Toward Half the Man He Was

As a member of a college diving team, Mike Hruby exercised six days a week. When his career ended so did the workout schedule. At the age of 22 Mike found himself with more time for relaxing, eating pizza, and drinking beer. Without the intense exercise routine of a college athlete to provide balance, his weight began to balloon. In fact, over the next two decades Mike doubled in size.

Mike’s first quest to change his health started in 2010 with personal training.  His knees were weak from carrying the extra weight. While Mike gained in strength, he had basically traded fat for muscle and hadn’t lost weight. A couple of friends suggested that exercise was not the issue but diet. They had seen others have success with the Ideal Protein diet from 7Company and recommended it to Mike.

Mike had said for years, “When God makes a diet where the food tastes good and I don’t have to exercise, that will be the diet for me.

Well, Mike started the plan on February 1st. He calls this is his first serious effort to lose weight by changing his diet. Any previous attempts were ones Mike classified as being selfishly motivated. He selfishly wanted to lose weight, but he also found that he wanted to cheat because, after all, that was a way to get what he wanted too. This time was different though. Mike discovered a greater motivation: he wanted to honor God by bringing his body into discipline and order.

What he’s gotten in return are incredible results. In his first month on the Ideal Protein diet, Mike set and currently holds a 7Company record for a male by losing 38 pounds in one month. In total Mike has shed 90-95 pounds and says that he’s halfway to his goal. He’s committed to staying on the plan until he achieves the goal of being “half the man” he was.

Mike says that his eating habits have changed and that he’s eating better quality food, including fresh vegetables that he cooks himself. He also enjoys the Ideal Protein foods like the dark chocolate pudding, omelets, and peanut butter soy puffs. Mike likes to use the pudding and the omelet mixes as bases to make other dishes. He has modified a few recipes to make them IP-compliant and has come up with his own for gyro meatballs and his creative version of eggs benedict.

Mike now gets compliments on his weight loss and likes the reactions of “Wow! You’ve lost a lot of weight!” He is happy to share with others that he’s found success using Ideal Protein. Mike also receives encouragement to continue toward his goal. Knowing how far he’s come, it’s only a matter of time. We’ll be cheering you on, Mike!

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?