healthy cooking

Healthy Cooking Tips

When you cook with Ideal Protein, your possibilities for healthy cooking are endless.

Our Ideal Protein diet is proven to work! Vary your dieting options by learning healthy cooking tips to keep you on track to reach your weight loss goals with 7Company.

Cooking with Ideal Protein™ powder:

Never shake a protein mix with hot even burn  you! If you want to mix with hot water, use a small whisk instead of shaking.

Cook the products gently and slowly, monitoring while you cook, especially if you are using a microwave.

Pay attention to how much water you’re adding to your recipes.  A small change in the quantity of water will change the consistency and cooking time.

Using vegetables in your recipes:

Add vegetables to your Ideal Protein soups to make them even more delicious! You can also use the soup as a sauce for your vegetables and meat as they are very creamy.

Change up the vegetables you add to your recipes. Sometimes, food can become too routine if you stick to your favorites all the time. Try going to your local farmer’s market for produce options that are outside your usual shopping list.

Prepare your vegetables ahead of time and store them in plastic containers in your refrigerator. By having your vegetables cut up already, it will make planning lunch, dinners, and snacks that much easier.

Don’t forget to do the dishes!

After you’re done with your tasty meal, don’t put off doing the dishes! Protein powder residue is very difficult to clean off if it has had time to solidify.

Keep up to date on our recipe blogs to add some variety to your meals so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same meal every single day!

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