healthy meal program

Keep The Weight Off With This Healthy Meal Program

Emeals is an excellent tool for planning and maintaining your weight loss. If you’re on the maintenance phase of the Ideal Protein™ program or if you just want to streamline your diet, then this healthy meal program is perfect for you.

How this healthy meal program works

It’s simple to get started and use the healthy meal program:
  • You choose a meal plan from the many options.
  • Select either for 1-2 people, or for a family of 4-6.
  • Some of the meal plans will even customize automatically to match the sales at your local grocery store.
  • You get fresh, new recipes delivered directly to your email box every week.
  • You can print the recipes and shopping list, or access them on a convenient app on your smartphone for an easy shopping experience.

These recipes help keep you on track and eating healthy without falling into a rut of eating the same few things. You’ll acquire lots of great recipes that are delicious and help you maintain your weight loss, or lose a few extra pounds.