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How Body Shaming Made Me Passionate About You

I’m Jennifer Seven, the owner of 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center.  I’ve worked in the wellness business for over 15 years. The most frequent question that I am asked as a weight loss center owner is, “Why did you decide to start a weight loss business? Did you have a weight problem?” They ask as they eye my slender build. How can a skinny chick relate to heavy people? Yes, I answer, I had a weight problem, but it’s not what you think.

I grew up in a home feeling unattractive and never enough. In my family, the emphasis was on our weight and how we looked. It wasn’t about being healthy or loving our own bodies. Because of this, I was painfully shy and hid my body.

If I gained 5 extra pounds I would feel huge, ugly and unlovable.  If I gained 10 extra pounds, I began to loathe and hate my body. I apologized for my body constantly. “Oh, I had too much fun this summer, picked up some pounds!” (Maybe 5). “Oh my clothes are too tight, time to go on a diet.” I carried my 10 pounds like they were 100, with shame, and loathing.

I went to a yoga retreat and attended my first yoga class. It was a gentle yoga class and the instructor reminded us to listen to our bodies, to hear what our body was telling us. After three or four of these classes, I found myself filled with gratitude for my body.

I realized that my body was quite amazing. It worked for me constantly, 24 hours a day without any effort on my part. My heart beats for me, my lungs breathe for me, my eyes see the world for me, my mouth tastes delicious foods, my hands touch and hug and write, my legs carry me wherever I want to go.

My heart’s desire has been to help others, particularly women, to learn to love themselves. I have worked with hundreds of women to help them lose weight and get healthy. And when they ask me, have you ever had a weight problem, I can honestly answer yes. But it’s not what you think.

I tell women that it isn’t about losing the weight in order to love themselves, but loving themselves enough to lose the weight. Losing weight is a sacrifice, and we sacrifice for those we love. So we need to be able to love ourselves. I help women uncover their why. Why do they want to lose the weight? Is it for their health? To fit into their clothes? To be able to travel? To be able to get on the floor and play with their children? Is it to proudly be in the family photo again?

Whatever it may be, I want to help you reach your goals.  Visit 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center for a free consultation.

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