IdealSmart App

Introducing The IdealSmart App!

The IdealSmart App: Your Very Own Ideal Protein Pocket Pal!


At 7Company, we want to provide you with everything you need to reach your weight loss goals. We are excited to announce the new IdealSmart App! This Lifestyle Platform Program can help you to track every step of your journey. This app helps you achieve your Ideal Protein weight loss goals and works with you to maintain the lifestyle well after your protocol is over!


Within the IdealSmart App, there are many features to help you track and maintain your diet. For every meal you eat, you can journal all the details, including supplements taken and hydration levels all while on the go! As you’re going through your weight loss journey, the IdealSmart App also allows you to view your monthly statistics to monitor your progress, making it easier to share and discuss with your coach! You can also communicate securely with your coach to schedule appointments or support meetings.


The IdealSmart App isn’t the only tool we have that can support you along your road to wellness. 7Company also offers the IdealSmart Scale and Activity band; two nifty gadgets that can also monitor factors such as weight, body fat, hydration, and sleep. These items are now available for purchase in our office, so make sure to stop by and see if they would provide you the assistance needed to keep going with your weight loss goals. We want to help you in any way we can to reach your weight loss journey and this app is the most convenient way to see your progress!


For more information on the app, contact your coach or visit the IdealSmart website: