Interior Designer Shares her Weight Loss Success with Ideal Protein

Caroline Hart, Owner of Welcoming Redesign
“I’m so excited about the Ideal Protein weight loss and wellness program with 7Company.  My doctor gave her blessing as she had several other patients participating in this plan. In 11 weeks I have lost an amazing 33 pounds as well as my addiction to sugar.  In addition to the weight loss my edema is gone and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. This is an amazing program. My goal, besides losing weight, was to be healthy again. I feel terrific, everyone notices and my family is so proud of me. This is the easiest program to participate in because you see the results rapidly.
7Company has been wonderful by being there for me to support me and keep me on track. I would encourage anyone needing to lose weight to participate in Ideal Protein through 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center located in Lansdowne and Chantilly/South Riding, VA.”