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Blogging Away The Weight – Janelle

How Ideal Protein and Blogging Helped Janelle Keep the Weight Off

Get to know Janelle! She began her Ideal Protein weight loss journey with 7Company one month ago, and started her own blog in the process. Janelle sat down with us to share some details about her experience, and her favorite parts of the Ideal Protein diet!

Janelle’s story

Q: What made you want to join 7Company?

A: One of my classmates told me about her experience with 7Company and I was intrigued. A couple weeks later, she told me that the company we worked for was planning on offering the program to employees. I was asked if I would be an ambassador and of course, I said yes!

Q: When did you start with 7Company?

A: August 22, 2016.

Q: What is your favorite Ideal Protein meal?

A: I have a few favorites. I like the Maple Oatmeal, Vanilla Crispy Square and the Cookie Dough Swirl Bar.

Q: How often are you in contact with your coach?

A: I see my coach once a week (usually on Mondays).

Q: How has your coach helped you on your weight loss journey?

A: My coach Yasmine is awesome! She allots for half hour appointments to discuss anything and everything I want to address. She is also available 24/7 via text message for any questions or concerns that I might have during the week. Had I not been seeing my weight loss coach, I more than likely would have stopped the diet after the second week. Yasmine’s encouragement and guidance keeps me going.

How blogging helped Janelle stay on track to reach her weight loss goals

Q: What gave you the confidence to start your own blog and share your story?

A: I figured that if I had to sit down and think about the previous week and write about it, then I would be more inclined to stick with my diet. Ultimately, I wanted to start blogging so that when I was having a really rough week I could go back and remind myself that it was not as bad as something that had happened in the past. I had no idea that my blog would be so successful! I shared it on my Facebook and the feedback that I received from friends and family was incredible. I’ve even had individuals reach out to me and share their own weight loss struggles as well as the fact that they can relate to my blog posts and the fact that I am an inspiration for him or her to keep going. It has been an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience.

How the Ideal Protein Diet changed Janelle’s life

Q: Other than eating different foods, how has your life changed since starting the diet?

A: The biggest life change has been not drinking. I am 28-years old and most of my socializing is done over happy hour or at a a bar. I cannot tell you how many times I have been tempted to drink or asked if I would like to go out since beginning this diet (I wrote about this in my blog, actually). On top of this being my social scene, I am in Marketing and there are work events that I attend that will involve alcohol. It is a constant in my life that tests my willpower often!

In addition to the no-alcohol, the diet has affected the way I order food when I go out to a restaurant. I’ve had to ask the waitress to tell the chef not to use things like butter or regular oil and have requested healthier substitutes. It has made me actually look at the side dishes that are offered with meals and thus rethink my order. I will look at the menu ahead of time now so when I get there I can immediately say to the waitress, “I want XX dish, so please substitute the sides with XX vegetable and cook with olive oil.”  Straight to the point.

The success of the 7Company Ideal Protein Diet

Q: Would you recommend 7Company and the diet to others looking to lose weight?

A: What I would say to people who are looking to start the Ideal Protein diet is that you must be ready to commit to your weight loss journey.  The diet does work, the coaching element is great and the food is pretty good.

Q: Are there any recipes that you make on your own that you would like to share with others?

A: There area ton of recipes online that are allowed on the Ideal Protein diet that I really enjoy. My favorite is the Naked Burrito Casserole. I substitute the red meat for the ground turkey for less grease and it is delicious. Additionally, I’ve found that cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash are perfect additions to any dinner and/or lunch. It really tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating rice or spaghetti!

For more information on how to get started with 7Company, visit our website www.7company.com

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