Loudoun's Favorite Winner

Thank you for voting for us! We are Loudoun County’s Favorite Weight Loss Center!

We are extremely happy and honored to announce that we have won the award for Loudoun County’s Favorite Weight Loss Center! We have been helping Loudouners shape their bodies and lifestyles for many years and appreciate the love we get back!

When it comes to being healthy and loving your body, all of us at 7Company believe in an approach that involves the mind, body, and soul. We provide our customers with healthy recipes and tips as well as support groups to give you the best weight loss journey and lifestyle possible!

We appreciate all of our clients and are so grateful for all of you that voted for us. Thank you again for letting us know that we are your favorite weight loss center!

“I am honored that 7Company has been voted Favorite Weight Loss Center in Loudoun County.  My team of awesome coaches is passionate about helping people lose weight, keep it off and regain their health.  It is truly a joy to see the transformations that occur.  Thank you to everyone that believes in us and voted for us.”
-Jennifer Seven, Owner 7Company

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We are a certified distributor of the Ideal Protein diet.

If you are interested in starting your weight loss journey with 7Company, we offer free seminar consultations every Monday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am!

In this one-hour informative and inspirational session, you’ll learn about the Ideal Protein weight-loss method, as well as tour our facility, meet our coaches and visualize the “Secret of Seven” working for you!

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