My Favorite Weight Loss Tips

People often ask me why I believe that I was successful in dropping weight.  First of all, it helps to have the right program.  At 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center I was introduced to Ideal Protein of Leesburg.

Throughout the time on the program I was able to pick up and learn different weight loss tips.  Sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error.  Sometimes another client would share a tip that had helped them.

I will be sharing a series of my favorite weight loss tips.  I hope that these tips will help you on your journey!

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Your cooler is your best friend.  Never, ever allow yourself to be without food.  If you are diligent each day and pack food and water you will never be tempted to cheat.  To borrow a line from the Boy Scouts – Be Prepared.  Once you set up your system, it is easy and will save you time. Each morning I put food, salad & vegatables in a soft insullated bag with an ice pack.  In another insullated bag I pack my water for the day between two ice packs.  Then, each of these bags are put inside a cooler.  I keep utensils, sea salt, supplements, tea bags & packs of stevia in the pocket of the cooler.  Extra supplies are kept in the trunk of my car.  At first it seems like a chore, but like everything else, it will become a habit.  Have your food ready to be packed.  For example, I put chopped lettuce into plastic bags so the bags are ready to go at a moments notice.

Fortunately, with Ideal Protein of Leesburg, the food is both delicious and very portable so that does help.  Good luck and be sure to share your tips on packing food.