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Tomato Crab Bisque Soup Ideal Protein

  Tomato Crab BISQUE Soup  1 packet Ideal Protein Tomato Basil Soup 1 oz. crab meat 1 tsp. crushed garlic 1 tsp. of Old Bay Seasoning 2 celery stalks Hot sauce to taste

Ideal Complete is Here!

Research on maintenance and stabilization has shown that the consumption of a meal replacement daily is an essential component for success. Individuals typically underestimate their calorie intake when consuming a diet of conventional foods because of the difficulty in estimating portion size. Ideal Protein has addressed this issue with the launch of Ideal Complete. Ideal … Continue reading Ideal Complete is Here!

New Products for Weight Loss Maintenance – Ideal Complete!

2013 – The Year of Maintenance!  7Company is so excited to offer these new products. To ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to maintain you weight loss, Ideal Protein has researched one of the largest weight loss and maintenance studies in the last quarter century, The Look Ahead Study. Based on the notion … Continue reading New Products for Weight Loss Maintenance – Ideal Complete!

Transformation and Weight Loss

My mission is to help reduce diabetes and obesity in our community through education and lifestyle change.  For many people this means losing weight and beginning to exercise.  But I don’t believe it is just about calories in and calories out.  It was important to me to find a weight loss method that would teach … Continue reading Transformation and Weight Loss

Exercise and the Ideal Protein Diet

Why is Exercise not recommended during the Diet? – If your blood sugar gets too low, the proteins we supply and the muscle you have can undergo gluconeogenesis and glucose can be produced.  If you increase the glucose demand (i.e. exercise vigorously during the first phase) you will increase gluconeogensis markedly.  This CAN result in … Continue reading Exercise and the Ideal Protein Diet