Spring Body

Spring Body Styling

Spring Body Styling: How To

Spring body perfection can be achieved!  To get it, you should be shaping clothes to your body type. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. During the winter we bundle up in sweaters and coats. Now it’s time to take off all of the layers and dress your body type right for Spring!

Sometimes when a people lose weight, their body shape changes. Clothing styles that used to flatter your body, may not look as attractive as other styles. Use the diagram and descriptions below to identify your body type and learn how to dress the best for your shape.

spring body

For the pear shape:

Your lower half is larger than your upper half. This gives you the ability to show off your shoulders! Try wearing darker colors on your lower half with brighter colors up top. Look for dresses and skirts that are little looser and less clingy. Go for tops larger frame to help accentuate your shoulders!

For the inverted triangle shape:

You probably wear larger size tops than bottoms. Your chest and shoulders are wider than your hips and so you need clothes that minimize your shoulders and extend your natural lines below.V-neck and wrap shirts are great choices, especially if they flare out a little at the waist, giving you additional curves. A-line or very full dresses or skirts can add dimension to your hips, as do boot cut jeans.

For the rectangle shape:

Your body is straight up and down. You have the advantage of being able to pull off almost any outfit! Although, you’ll need to look for pieces to add to your wardrobe that will help create curves. Since your waist has the same proportions as your hips and shoulders, it tends to be hard to give your curves definition. Look for fitted tops with belts along your midriff, A line skirts, dresses with empire waists and boot cut jeans!

For the hourglass shape:

You have a great top half with a bottom half to match! Wrap dresses will look great on you. A pencil skirt will help show off your curves. Straight leg pants will also be great for your figure!

For the apple shape:

Your bottom half is larger than the top and you have a fuller mid section. You have a great chest and legs! Use this to your advantage and show off your legs. Wear dresses and skirts that swing and have an empire waist. Also try dresses and tops with a V neck line!

Let 7Company help you get that new spring body! You’ve read about all of the different body types and how to style them for the upcoming season. With us you’ll be looking your best in no time!

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