The Woman in the Mirror

Gwen Pangle could no longer stand to look at herself in the mirror… Gwen says that every decade would bring another 10 pounds of weight gain.  She would start eating well and lose a few pounds.  As she approached the age of 55 this year, Gwen decided that all had to change.  Her journey began last fall when she saw Susan Lee at a Middleburg Women’s meeting.

Gwen began the Ideal Protein diet from 7Company on October 22, 2010.  She describes herself as being focused and didn’t cheat: she stuck with the plan through Thanksgiving, her birthday, Christmas, and New Years, saying that it helps when you’re getting results.  Gwen also credits the cooking classes and support sessions at 7Company for helping her through this time.

A former “carboholic” (“Hi, my name is Gwen, and I’m a carboholic.”), Gwen now no longer looks to pastas, breads, and potatoes for comfort and support.  That’s right; she’s found the joy of vegetables.  One of the things Gwen likes best about the Ideal Protein plan is that it’s “do-able” over the long haul, saying that since you have to eat to live, you have to find the balance.

Additionally, Gwen has discovered that making appropriate substitutions is an important step toward reaching weight loss goals.  Gwen states, “Your head will always tell you something negative.”  Gwen has found a psychological edge like drinking water with lime in a wine glass or filling a martini glass with water.  She’s eaten Ideal Protein’s BBQ Ridges and Salt & Vinegar Ridges as a healthy alternative for a crunchy, “salty” snack while watching a movie at home.  Gwen also claims that Ideal Protein’s Chocolate Puffs have saved her life more than once (although there is no documented evidence of these life saving moments).  She is now inclined to serve a plate of veggies and a low calorie, low sugar Russian or Blue Cheese dressing when entertaining friends.

I asked Gwen about the moment when she realized she had achieved more with the weight loss than a lower number on a scale.  She said that it hit her one night when her husband wanted to take her to Alexandria for dinner.  He had bought Gwen a black, gold, and silver sequined mini-dress, size small for their night out on the town.  Her first thought was, “I can’t fit into a small.”  But she tried it on, and it fit!

Gwen says that now it feels good to not take up so much space.  In fact she’s done a lot of cleaning out of her closet.  Looking at clothes that are now too big for her laying across her bed, Gwen felt as though someone had died.  With a newfound energy and perspective, she believes that the old Gwen has died.

Through the diet Gwen has lost 45 lbs, and she’s now down to the weight she was at in her late 20s and early 30s.  Twenty of her girlfriends have seen the difference in Gwen and are now using Ideal Protein from 7Company.

Oh, and how does she feel about the mirror now?  Let’s just say this, Gwen hardly recognizes the person she sees looking back at her.

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?