Water, Water, More Water

In my experience every diet and weight loss program is consistent about one thing and Ideal Protein of Leesburg is no exception.  In each program you are asked to drink atleast 64 oz. of water each day.  Many people struggle with drinking enough water.  Back in the 1980’s I remember a woman telling me that a water cooler was installed in her office.  She stopped drinking sodas and only drank water.  In no time she had dropped about 20 pounds.  This was the only change she had made to her daily routine.

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Helpful Ways To Get In Your Daily Water

I believe that you start with the right attitude.  Really appreciate the taste of cold, refreshing water.  Savor it.  If you stop drinking sodas and sweet tea and only drink water, the water will become a habit and one you like.

Start each day with water.  Drink one or two glasses of water each morning before you get into the shower.  Before you know it, your body will crave that morning water and it will become an unconscious act.

Flavor your water with fresh (and only fresh) lemon.

Drink water throughout the day.

It helped me to take four 16.9 oz water bottles and mark each one – 1, 2, 3, 4.  When the fourth was gone, I knew that I had drunk over 64 oz. of water.  Someone took it a step further and marked their bottles in descending order.  Soon 4 bottles are easy and you will increase to 5 and then 6.  Be green and refill your bottles each day with filtered water.

Remember my Weight Loss Tip #1 – “A Cooler Is Your Best Friend”.  Keep cold water with you wherever you go.

I recommend installing a water filter or purchasing a pitcher with a filter.  Keep atleast one pitcher of water in your refrigerator at all times.

Water can do great things for you.  Water is a natually suppresses the appetite.  It assists in metabolizing stored body fat. Water also helps with constipation.  It hydrates your body and your skin will look better and younger.  You will eat less, have more energy and will get fewer headaches.  So, put down the soda and enjoy a cold, delicious, refreshing glass of water!

Get into a routine and follow it every day and it will become a habit.  How do you make sure you are drinking enough water?  What are your favorite tips to make sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water each day?