Professional Weight Loss Programs for Women Sterling VA


Kathi Bird teaches classes in Sterling VA on cake decorating so she knows a thing or two about sweets.  It’s just that now she doesn’t even taste her creations or those of her students.

Weight has been an issue for Kathi most of her life. In fact Kathi claims that she was blessed by her great, great grandma, a Cherokee Indian, with apple-shaped hips.

Prior to gastric bypass surgery in 2003 though, Kathi had ballooned to a weight of 254 lbs. She was able to get down to a weight that was healthy and worked for her. Then a number of family members passed away; the stress caused her to gain 50 lbs in a short period of time.

Kathi’s first exposure to 7Company and Ideal Protein was she saw friends turn thin on the diet. She was motivated by a desire to be stronger, more active, and to rejuvenate her body, declaring that she wasn’t going to be “a fat grandma”.

Due to the gastric bypass surgery, 7Company has had to work with Kathi to adjust her diet, including allowing her to eat more restricted items. Still, Kathi has faced this with determination, saying that the food tastes great and she loves it, also adding that she’s “too old to do this again”.  Since February Kathi has lost 40 lbs.

Kathi likes that she doesn’t have to exercise on the Ideal Protein diet and has found the diet to be portable since one can get good, fresh produce anywhere, including on vacation. She especially likes the chocolate-flavored soy snacks and crispy cereal. One of her favorite treats is turning the chocolate pudding mix into a chocolate milkshake.

Kathi says that nothing has gone in her mouth that wasn’t on the approved list, and she’s found it motivating to see the weight come off. Kathi is a gardener who can now spend hours longer in her garden without feeling fatigued. Previously, she found it tiring to take a 40 pound bag of pellets up a flight of stairs to her pellet stove. After just one month on the Ideal Protein diet, Kathi would put the bag under one arm and run up those same stairs.

She’s become so passionate about the Ideal Protein diet and the difference it’s made for her that Kathi will be representing 7Company at Chamber and other community and women’s organizations’ meetings and events. She wants to show people her “before” photo and the way she looks now and get more people on a path to healthy living.

A few have already witnessed first-hand Kathi’s amazing transformation over the past few months and have started on the Ideal Protein diet from 7Company. Yes, it appears that three of her cake decorating students may no longer be eating cakes they’ve baked either.

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?