Weight Loss Forever

Weight Loss Forever!

How does Weight Loss Forever sound? 7Company and the Ideal Protein Program™ can help you do just that, lose the weight forever! 7Company knows that maintaining your weight loss is just as important as losing it in the first place. The transition from losing weight to maintaining weight loss is a difficult one and 7Company has the cutting edge strategies and scientific knowledge to help you be successful in maintaining your weight loss.

We know that learning how to maintain your weight loss may be the single MOST important part of your weight loss journey. That is why the 7Company Ideal Protein™program doesn’t stop after you have lost the weight, it is a four phase method with phases one and two being your weight loss phase, phase three, stabilization and phase four, maintenance.

Join us for a  Workshop on Saturday, March 7 at 9 am at 7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center to learn more about the importance of Phase 3 and Phase 4.  This workshop is for all Ideal Protein™ dieters, regardless of what Phase you’re on. Phase 3 is arguably the most important phase of the Ideal Protein™ Protocol, providing a transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. Phase 4 is about learning how to enjoy the freedom of your weight loss, while keeping your great new figure!

You’ll learn:

  • Stabilization Techniques
  • How to Restart or “Reboot” the Pancreas
  • How to manage slip-ups
  • How to transition from weight loss to weight maintenance
  • Proper food combinations
  • Success Strategies
  • Fun days

and much, much, more! We want you to experience weight loss forever!