New Healthy Meal Plans Each Week to Keep the Weight Off!

Easy, Healthy Meal Plans
You’ve worked hard to lose the weight you wanted and now that you’ve hit your goal, it’s all about maintaining the body, health, and lifestyle that you want and that you’ve achieved! The key to maintaining your weight is a healthy, balanced diet. It needs to be a diet that tastes good, fills you up, and is easy to prepare and live by.

To make that easier, 7 Company has recently partnered with eMeals, a company that specializes in creating weekly menus, complete with recipes and shopping lists. With a variety of plans to choose from, you can choose one of several weight management plans, including, low carb, low calorie, low fat, heart healthy, or portion control.

How it works

It’s simple to get started and use the meal plans:

  • You choose a meal plan from the many options.
  • Select either for 1-2 people, or for a family of 4-6.
  • Some of the meal plans will even customize automatically to match the sales at your local grocery store.
  • You get fresh, new recipes delivered directly to your email box every week.
  • You can print the recipes and shopping list, or access them on a convenient app on your smartphone for an easy shopping experience.

These recipes help keep you on track and eating healthy without falling into a rut of eating the same few things. You’ll acquire lots of great recipes that are delicious and help you maintain your weight loss.

Why it’s a Great Option

Weekly meal plans help you overcome many of the common dieting pitfalls.

Healthy meal planTime – We all have busy lives and it takes time and effort to eat healthy. When things get busy, it’s easy to resort to foods that can be picked up or assembled really quickly–unfortunately many of these types of foods are high in fat, calories, sodium, and other things that can quickly derail your healthy eating habits if eaten often.

Money – Eating out frequently can also put a big dent in your pocketbook. With the shopping list provided with your weekly healthy meal plans, most users find they significantly reduce their shopping bill each month.  They buy just the things they need for the recipes, rather than things that end up going to waste.

Variety – No one wants to eat the same thing over and over long term. The goal of using weekly meal plans is to NOT feel like you are on a restrictive diet, but rather to retrain your eating habits with new healthy recipes each week.

Lifestyle – Using eMeals is extremely flexible. Many plans offer a meal or two each week that can be either made ahead, cooked in the slow cooker, or pulled together in under 30 minutes.

And if you don’t like one of the meals for the week? Substitute one of the meals you’ve made in a previous week that you did like.

Finding that a lot of the recipes in the plan don’t appeal? You are able to change to a different meal plan once a month. Feel free to keep changing each month until you find a great fit!

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