Ideal Protein: A Medically Developed Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

Many dieters know weight loss is possible with the right motivation and perseverance. However, sticking to a diet and maintaining stable weight is difficult for most. Ideal protein is designed to remedy both of those issues: make efficient weight loss easy to follow and establish healthy habits that lead to lasting results.  No calorie counting, group weigh-ins, or heavy gym time required.

7Company is a certified Ideal Protein clinic in Lansdowne, VA that provides a customized program and personal coach so you can reach your goals and become a healthier you.

What is the Ideal Protein Diet?

Ideal Protein is a high protein low carb weight loss diet. This ketogenic diet features balanced recipes and personalized coaching that enables you to eliminate foods that kick your pancreas into overdrive.  When your pancreas is overstimulated, it causes an abundance of insulin, which leads to fat storage and obesity.

Ideal Protein enables you to have really high quality proteins, making them more digestible and promoting long-term muscle toning and strengthening, which helps keep pounds off.

The recommended protein rich, low carb diet recipes on average contain more than 15 grams of high quality protein, a wide variety of flavors and textures and are low in sugars and fats.

Learn about the Science behind Ideal Protein low carb diet programs

What makes the Ideal Protein Diet different from other diet plans?

Most diets require you to count calories, attend group meetings, or otherwise do things that are hard to maintain long term.  This approach is different.

We use a patented program designed by a doctor and nutritionist. It starts with an understanding of how your body gains and stores fat, and how you burn it off.  We customize a program for you, featuring high impact fat burning meal plans and nutritional supplements.

This program has a beginning, middle and end.  You won’t be on this forever, but will lose the weight you want*, and learn how to keep it off.

During the months that you are on Ideal Protein, we’ll be providing one-on-one coaching and education at our Lansdowne weight loss clinic, so that when you are off the Ideal Protein diet program you can sustain and maintain the results you have achieved.

Ideal Protein low carb diet Weight Loss
*Results may vary from above photos

What are the benefits of working with a Weight Loss Coach?

Working with your weight loss coach, you can shed weight quickly and learn how to keep it from returning.

Studies have found that a system of accountability greatly increases the success rate in achieving goals.

Our coaches have worked through the same journey you are embarking on.  They can provide:

  • Mental and emotional support as you make changes, including regular check-ins with you
  • Education for long-lasting improvement in eating habits
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Progress tracking to ensure you are on track towards your goals

What kinds of weight loss results could I see?*

I lost 5 dress sizes!*

“I am so pleased and amazed with my progress on Ideal Protein! In just two months time I have lost 5 dress sizes and my triglycerides have gone from 318 to 93! I have tried other diets but have not had the success I’ve had on the Ideal Protein Program.

It took me a year and a half on NutriSystem to get to where I am today on Ideal Protein. The food is delicious and easy to prepare. I am so happy that I started, best decision I have made to improve my life!

Susan C.*
Aldie, Virginia

*Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherence to program, etc.

*Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherence to program, etc.

What is included in the Ideal Protein Program?

  • A 90 minute consultation with a nutritionist to guide you in beginning the program and to answer any questions you may have
  • An in depth body composition analysis
  • Daily education videos and weekly check-ins with your personal health coach
  • A personalized eating plan that will guide you in eating the foods that will help you reach your goals
  • Electro-Slim treatments

 Download the Ideal Protein Protocol Roadmap

7Company's Ideal Protein low carb diet customer success stories

*Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherence to program, etc.


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