Increase Employee Health and Office Morale


Reduced cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars


Improved sleep


Mental clarity


Higher energy levels

How the Onsite Program Works

  • Participating employees meet individually with a coach to take baseline measurements, including weight and a comprehensive body composition analysis. Together they will set goals for their individual weight loss.

  • Weekly visits will take place at your location. Each participant will meet with their coach for 15 minutes to be weighed, measured, and check body composition. They will also review a food plan for the coming week.

  • Participants will order their food prior to the appointment so they can pick it up at their appointment.

  • All other workshops and classes held at the Lansdowne clinic are available at no additional cost including:

    • Cooking demos

    • Maintenance workshops

    • Wardrobe transition workshops

Costs for the Onsite Corporate Wellness Program


No cost. All materials for meetings will be provided by 7 Company.

However, some companies do choose to go above and beyond in encouraging their employees.  We have seen corporate sponsors pay for initial lunch, give incentives items such as water bottles to participants or even subsidize the cost of the program.  We are always happy to share ideas to take your program to the next level!

Of course! This typically occurs as employees participating in the program talk with their peers and share their progress.

Yes, this a benefit you can promote to your employees.  By joining through a corporate program they would save $125.

The Kickoff group session is one hour.  Individual initial appointments are one hour.  Follow up weekly appointments are 15 to 30 minutes.

A small private room is all that is necessary for weekly appointments.  The initial Kickoff Lunch and Learn group session requires slightly more space based on headcount.

No, if this is inconvenient we also offer group discounts.  Either way participants are welcome to attend extra programs such as cooking demonstrations, wardrobe transition workshops etc. at our Lansdowne office.

We are happy to provide regular updates on the group as a whole.  Often corporate sponsors choose to include this information in their employee newsletter or post in their break room to motivate staff.  If you have a newsletter and would like to include general wellness information for your staff, we would be happy to contribute content.


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