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Success Story 1
Roger lost 80 lbs.*
Success Story 2
Kathi lost 50 lbs*
Success Story 3
Charmaine lost 50 lbs*
Success Story 4
Michael lost 45 lbs*
Success Story 5
Jennifer lost 28 lbs*
Success Story 6
Tony lost 90 lbs*

Roger lost 80 lbs.*

Last October, I was going through some old photographs of myself when I was in High School and I ran across a photo of myself when I was a senior and playing 3rd base on the High School baseball team. Back then I weighed 180 pounds (I am 5’11” tall).

I showed the baseball picture to my wife and said that I was going to lose weight and I would weigh 180 pounds again. My wife said that would not happen as I weighed 260 pounds at that time and my wife had only known me as a heavy weight person. I took that as a challenge and started looking for a weight loss program to join. I had tried Weight Watchers in the past, but with little success. I was recommended to Ideal Protein and 7Company’s office in Lansdowne, Virginia. I met with Jennifer Seven, owner of 7Company, and started the Ideal Protein diet on October 24, 2011.

I had the goal of not only losing 80 pounds but to also reduce my high cholesterol numbers. I was concerned about my cholesterol as my Father had passed away from a heart attack when he was 43 years old and I was 44 years old. Heart disease runs in my family as my Grandfather died of heart disease when he was in his early 50s.

In 5 months, I lost the 80 pounds that was my goal and my body fat went from 36% in October 2011 to 17% in April 2012. My waist size went from 42 – 44 to current 34 inches. My cholesterol numbers are now exactly where they should be at total cholesterol of 180, good cholesterol (HDL) at 75 and LDL at 92. My wife now calls me “bones.”

The reaction from my friends and relatives has been fantastic. I was recently at a softball tournament with my wife and daughter and a friend came up to talk to my wife during a softball game. I had known the friend for over 6 years. The friend asked my wife where I was and my wife said Roger was standing next to her. My friend said she did not recognize me because I was no longer heavy.

I have to say that I never felt I was on a diet with Ideal Protein and never felt that I was starving myself.

I am now at the weight I was when I played 3rd base in High School.

Roger T


*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

Kathi lost 50 lbs*

Initial Efforts

I was overweight and unhappy. I am 5’1″ and weighed up to 250 pounds much of my adult life. I tried many different diet plans, but they did not work. In desperation, I had gastric bypass surgery performed in 2003. In a year, I lost the weight I always wanted to lose and I kept the weight off for a while.

Gaining it Back

Then my life fell apart. I lost my mom, dad and brother within 3 years, my daughter was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease and my husband lost his job. My Fibromyalgia acted up at the same time. So, I started to overeat and gained back 50 of the pounds that I had lost. I needed to lose the weight and my goal was to get back down to 120 pounds.

How Ideal Protein Helped

I watched two friends that were clients of 7Company Weight Loss and Wellness Center lose all the weight they wanted and improve their health. I wanted in and was directed to Jennifer Seven.

Jennifer introduced me to the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. I finally lost the weight I wanted to lose and it has stayed off. It has now been over a year since I started the Ideal Weight Loss Program with 7Company and I am not a fat grandma anymore!

Overcoming Challenges and Keeping it Off

One of the challenges I faced the first year after I lost weight was after a few months, people stopped complimenting me on my weight loss. My friends became used to the skinnier me. I looked in the mirror and did not see a body that had dropped from a size 16 – 18 to my present petite size 4 – 6. With no compliments to remind me, I began to doubt my image and couldn’t maintain the visualization of who I wanted to be. This is why it is so important to follow the 7 Principles of Success:

  1. Realize the “contrast” of who you are and what you want to be.
  2. Visualize how you want to look (weight).
  3. Take action  by joining a weight loss program.
  4. Be “determined” and have discipline to follow the program through to its conclusion.
  5. Have the “passion” to do the program because of how you want to look and feel.
  6. Express “gratitude” for your accomplishments.
  7. Provide “service” to others by either telling your story or helping others to achieve their goal.

Kathi B.


*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

Charmaine lost 50 lbs*

After only 12 weeks on the program I lost +50 lbs and am feeling amazing! I’m attending the phase 3/4 workshop to learn more about maintenance. I’m also going to sign up for Pilates/Yoga classes. I’ve asked my Coach to be my mentor.
It’s been a great healthy transition. I truly enjoyed being in Phase 1 and burning fat. It works!
Charmaine B.

*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

Michael lost 45 lbs*

I would describe myself as a “passionate engineer”, solving both my own problems and those of others. This Service mentality drives me to diligently focus on a task until it’s done and done well, and I am uncomfortable with distractions and slackers. I like to enjoy real life, to dive in and recreate. Yet, on a recent hunting trip, when it was time to drag the deer from the forest on a sled (almost ¾ of a mile), the effort was just too much. That was it – I realized that I had become the real problem, and I decided it was time to ‘solve’ myself.
My family is always Number One. Raising children, coping with job stresses, and volunteering helped me block out my increasing weight over the last 12 years. My wife, Simone, having grown up in the French countryside, often reminded me that I wasn’t eating well, and provided nutritious meals, but I added plenty of ‘extras’. My thoughts, at that time, were “I can take care of this later.” Then, later arrived. I was tired of dodging family photos, clothes that wouldn’t fit and making excuses. At this point, I realized that I had used unhealthy foods for comfort to cope with age and family losses, and I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do this anymore. It was now time to focus on my health and lose the extra weight. It would take a real jolt, and a sustained effort. I wanted both.
I had always tried to maintain or lose weight slowly but inconsistently, with improvised diet and exercise. This time, I would need help – a real, supervised program, my first. Simone came across an ad for 7Company® Weight Loss and Wellness. We came to an information session, and then did our homework. Our research found that this program was safe and effective, yet different than others. There is a defined beginning, middle and end. You will get hungry, but you’ll also learn that you can become accustomed to 900 calories per day, and you will reach your target weight if you don’t cheat! I am enjoying exercise again, and feeling strong and focused, not tired or weak.
During my four months on this program, I’ve stayed strong, built up more muscle that I can see and feel and lost 45 lbs. I no longer have problems lifting, my clothes fit and I have my life back. Go get yours!
Michael D.


*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

Jennifer lost 28 lbs*

I’ve done countless diets, but I have never felt this healthy, energetic,and satisfied!

In 11 weeks, I went from a size 14 to a 10.  I lost 28lbs and feel fabulous. Even with 3 small children and a business that keeps me on the go, I was successful.

I have no doubt that this will be my last diet.
Jennifer M.











*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

Tony lost 90 lbs*

As a professional my self-esteem and confidence are at levels not felt since my younger days. This youthful feeling and energy is manifested by my exuberance in meeting the daily challenges of my law practice.

With Hollywood’s best kept secret, I lost 90 pounds in 4 months, with no sagging skin. Whether losing 300 pounds, or tightening 5 pounds, you don’t have to be a movie star to look like one.










*Results vary by person, body type, adherence to program, etc.

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