Weight Loss Coach

A Personal Weight Loss Coach Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Anyone who has tried to lose weight has experienced the challenge, and probably the frustration, of trying to change their diet, habits and lifestyle. Working with a weight loss coach can make this process easier as you receive weekly guidance and encouragement from your coach. They will help your create a diet plan you can follow, tailor menus, and set you up for success. All memberships utilizing the Ideal Protein Protocol include weekly coaching sessions.

Our coaches are all highly experienced individuals who keep your total health in mind through every step. Many of our coaches have gone through the program themselves to reach their weight loss goals, making them knowledgeable, empathetic, and highly motivational. These professionals will work with you individually to:

  • Evaluate and create your weight loss goals

  • Establish a plan

  • Monitor your progress every week.

In addition, they will provide you with the encouragement, motivation, and guidance you need to succeed. Our members love the support and camaraderie they receive from their coaches.

“Weekly check-ins keep you motivated and seeing results quickly! The staff & coaching make it so much easier as well! My coach, Linda, set me up for success. I’ve already been sharing with friends. Linda is amazing!” ~Brittany, lost 21 lbs. in 3 weeks*.

Why Does it Make Such a Difference to Work with a Weight Loss Coach?

Studies have found that a system of accountability greatly increases the success rate in achieving goals. Many people seeking to improve their health choose either a mentor to follow up with them, a peer to work along side them, or a professional health coach to guide them in progress. While all three can be successful, a 6 month study found that those who worked along side a peer lost more weight than those with just a mentor, and that those who worked with a professional weight loss coach lost even more weight!

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*Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherence to program, etc.