Weight Loss Maintenance

How Many Dieters Regain the Weight?

Weight loss maintenance is surrounded by so many myths that are perpetuated today through magazines, the internet, and newspaper articles. Many have heard a statistic quoted that 95% of dieters regain the weight. This is poorly supported claim that originated from some very small samples of data decades ago. The fact is, the rate of success varies from diet to diet, some being more effective in the long term, and others less effective. While it’s difficult to pin down an exact percentage, most people know someone (and that someone may even be YOU!) who has struggled to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Why do Dieters Regain Weight?

The reasons are almost greater than can be counted. Some fall victim to mindless munching on snacks in the office. Some experience a traumatic event in their life, such as death of a loved one or divorce, and resort to eating foods they find comforting in too great of quantities. And many restrict their diet too severely and then end up overcompensating for feelings of deprivation after they end their diet making any kind of weight loss maintenance very difficult.

Side Effects of Yo-yo Dieting

Weight fluctuations can be not only frustrating and a clothing budget buster, but can actually influence your long term health. Here are some of the effects of major weight swings that can occur:

  • Depending on your weight loss method, you may loose a lot of muscle and then gain back the weight in fat.

  • Each cycle increases the fat ratio and slows your metabolism

  • Loss of skin elasticity and major stress on your skeletal and circulation systems

  • Decreased immune systems and higher rates of cancer

How to Break the Cycle

The first year after reaching a weight loss goal is usually the hardest to maintain your new weight. Your body naturally wants to reset to where it was before, and so you must be especially mindful the first year. In the STOP Regain study conducted at Brown University in 2006, researchers found that participants who continued to meet face to face with a weight loss coach on a regular basis had significantly greater success in keeping the weight off long term. At 7Company, we not only want to help you lose the weight, but we want to help you keep it off and transition into a long term healthier lifestyle. Continuing to weigh in and talk with a coach will help keep you on track. Here are some of the ways a coach will help with weight loss maintenance:

  • Help you remember your weight loss story

  • Meal Planning and Shopping strategies

  • Lifestyle adjustments

  • Managing special events or indulgence meals

  • Reading food labels

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability

  • Dealing with emotional eating and combating stress induced overeating

  • Plan your eating for vacations or holidays

  • Help you adjust your eating to a plan that works for you and keeps the pounds from creeping back on.

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