7Company Weight Loss & Wellness Programs

7Company’s Weight Loss Programs Target Your Entire Body – Inside & Out

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals without Calorie Counting or Nightly Gym Classes!

To lose the inches quickly and keep them off, we have developed a complete weight loss program that targets your body’s different needs.  Our program addresses major aspects of weight loss and good health.

Working these in tandem will have the best, longest-lasting results on your health.  But, you can also choose individual weight loss programs to fit your schedule and budget and specific weight loss goals.

Learn about each aspect of our weight loss program below and choose one that’s right for you. No matter which programs you choose, the first step is coming to a FREE SEMINAR to learn more and meet our coaches.

Nutrition & Diet: Ideal Protein

ideal-protein-4Burn fat, boost your metabolism, and lose fat & inches with the Ideal Protein diet protocol.  Ideal Protein is a 4-phase, medically tested, weight loss program, developed and refined over 20 years to deliver safe, predictable, and fast weight loss. You’ll receive:

  • Delicious food, tailored to meet your weight loss goals
  • One-on-one coaching to both motivate and educate you
  • Weekly progress tracking and lifestyle guidance
  • Personalized approach  based on your health profile

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Muscle Toning: Electro-Slim

You’ll experience no pain, all gain with the FDA approved Electro-Slim muscle-sculpting workout, which requires no effort on your part. Electro-Slim treatments help you lose weight fast.  As part of our weight loss program, each treatment:

  • electroslim-page-imageOccurs in your own private room, specially designed for relaxation
  • Has up to 16 pain-free electrical stimulus nodes to target the areas you want
  • Can burn up to 600 calories*
  • Builds muscle while you lie down, listen to soft music, and enjoy soothing aromatherapy

Bonus: The more muscle you’ll build (while relaxing, of course), the more of a metabolic boost your body will receive, allowing it to burn even more calories 24/7.

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Internal Detox: DoTerra Essential Oils

slim-sassy-doterraEssential oils can also be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of health conditions. Some essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties while others help support healthy inflammatory response in cells.  Detoxing key internal organs, like livers and kidneys, help your body better burn fats and avoid sickness.

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