How To Eat on Protocol On Those Crazy, Busy Errand Filled Days!

It’s Saturday. You’ve got to get the kids to soccer practice, pick up the dry cleaning, buy stamps at the post office, go to the grocery store, drop off books at the library and head to the auto shop for an oil change. What can you do to fuel your body on those errand-filled days and still eat on protocol?

Start your day with a bowl of Crispy Cereal or Maple Oatmeal or grab a ready made chocolate drink out of the frig. Then pack some veggies for the ride. While you’re at it, pack your lunch, too. For snacks, grab some cucumbers, bell peppers or broccoli to munch on. For lunch, don’t succumb to the fast food drive-thru. Instead, pack a couple bottles of water and some Ideal Protein packets of drinks, the peach mango and orange drink are excellent choices.  Or, freeze a ready made chocolate or vanilla drink, take with you and when you are ready for it, it will be ready to drink. A bar is always good to have on hand for lunch.  Always have extra IP foods on hand. You never know when you might get stuck and plans change and you can’t get home to have your meal.  By the way, the bars are great snacks to fuel your kids after sports.
Your coach will always tell you that preparation is the key to success on this diet.  With a little planning, you’ve got healthy, ready-made snacks, drinks and lunch foods you can eat on the go.