More Than One Result on Diet for this Substitute Teacher

Susan Carter had tried the South Beach Diet but with no results. She had lost weight with NutriSystem two different times. On the most recent attempt, she had lost 25 pounds in 3 months. After a blood test revealed that her triglyceride levels were the worst they had ever been, however, and Susan’s doctor advised her to stop.

A friend of Susan’s was having success on the Ideal Protein Diet and told her about it. Now after just a few months on the diet from 7Company herself, Susan is experiencing the right kind of impact. Not only has she lost 61 pounds, she’s also gone from size 24 pants to size 14 pants. Despite not working out, she claims that her muscles are more toned now than when she had exercised in the past and that her legs look slender now.

After one month of being on the diet, Susan is also no longer waking up with headaches; and she’s stopped using a sleep apnea machine. She says that she’s not as tired and that she gets up and down stairs more easily. Additionally, Susan finds that she handles stress better and is not as cranky or irritable. Her triglycerides dropped over 200 points in one month’s time, her cholesterol level has decreased significantly, and her blood pressure has returned to a normal level.

Susan loves the reactions she’s gotten from others, including her 7-year-old son who praises her and tells her how beautiful she is. Susan’s 10-year-old daughter comments on how she can put her arms around her now. This is a long ways from the recent experience of looking at a photo of herself from the day before the diet and her son’s blunt assessment of, “You were fat.” Susan works as a substitute teacher at Aldie Elementary and gets compliments there every time she works. In fact, Susan lost close to 20 pounds in one month to become 7Company’s Biggest Loser for July. After this distinction appeared on Facebook, a number of people messaged Susan to find out about her story and to ask about the cost of the diet.

After a lifetime of struggling with her weight, Susan has discovered the solution from 7Company. Her favorite Ideal Protein foods include the peanut butter crunch bars, southwest cheese curls, dark chocolate pudding, and chocolate drinks. Susan also likes cooking the omelets and makes them plain or with red peppers.

Susan has more milestones to go though. She’d ultimately like to lose 73 more pounds and realizes that this may take her as much as one more year on the diet. Susan highly recommends the diet. A woman at work and her daughter are beginning the diet, and Susan is meeting a mom from her son’s soccer team at 7Company to get her started on the diet. Susan is surprised that it’s not more well-known.

Susan, we’re getting there, and with more stories like yours, the word is spreading.

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?