100 lbs Lighter- And More Active!

Until her 30s Bonita Parrack could eat whatever she wanted.  Over the past 10-15 years, however, age, metabolism, and lifestyle have taken their toll on her health and weight.  A family history of heart disease and diabetes as well as intolerance to medicine have only complicated matters.  Bonita’s mother passed away in February 2010, and suddenly, her weight was out of control.

After seeing a photo of herself attending a concert posted on Facebook, Bonita knew that she had to make a serious change.  She had seen a sign for 7Company in Leesburg, being particularly drawn by the “Weight Loss & Wellness“.  She felt assured that this would not be just another diet.  Bonita has tried a number of diets, including Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig.  Each time she experienced the same results: she’d lose 30-35 pounds, plateau, and not lose any more weight.

Bonita called 7Company on a Monday.  They had an opening for a consultation on Wednesday.  Bonita’s first thought was, “So soon?” Even though she stated that it would probably result in her typical 30-35 pound weight loss, Bonita made the appointment and started the Ideal Protein diet the following day: September 2nd.  A self-proclaimed junk food eater, Bonita liked that with the Ideal Protein diet she could have an IP bar or chips for lunch.  It was fine with her because it made her feel like she was still having junk food.  She also enjoys the Ideal Protein tomato soup, drink mixes, and peanut soy puffs.  Bonita liked that 7Company would bring chefs in and that they emphasized how to eat after the diet.

Over the first 9 months Bonita had lost 103.5 pounds as of her June 1st weigh-in.  She was the first 7Company client to break the 100 pounds lost mark.  Bonita was also the first person to record the largest weight loss for a given month two different times.

Bonita now knows that she’s healthier, and she feels good.  Her blood work has “changed 100%“.  In fact she is close to being taken off her blood pressure and cholesterol medications.  Bonita also responded to the 7Company support groups, knowing how emotionally challenging this type of process is.

What else has this meant to Bonita?  She says that it’s about the little things that she can do; she can now participate in life more.  Bonita feels good when she gets dressed to go out.  She’s no longer embarrassed.  Bonita is looking forward to a trip with her grandson who is turning 13; she will be able to be active without her feet hurting.

Bonita has loved the reactions of co-workers, friends, and family members as they’ve witnessed her incredible transformation.  In fact, three have joined her on this journey to a healthier life, and she’s mentoring one of her co-workers who started the Ideal Protein diet a month ago.  Bonita still has goals to reach with her weight loss, but she’s come so far with such notable accomplishments you can’t help but to cheer her on.

What’s your story?  Could yours be the next Ideal Protein success?